August 16 Memphis Bad Bob's Vapor
October   Los Angeles The Apartment
February 14 Los Angeles City Restaurant for L.A.C.E
May 6 Los Angeles Wiltern Theater w/ Bobcat Goldthwait
August 16 Memphis Bad Bob's Vapor
January 12 San Diego Casbah
February 14 San Francisco TownsEnds
  16 New York trixies (w/Kim Garner)
March 23 New York Gonzlaes y Conzales
    New York Red Zone
    New York Trixies
May 5 Calabasas Sagebrush Cantina
  2 San Diego Bahia Hotel
  10 Long Beach System M,
  13 Dixon Dixon May Fair
  14 San Francisco Kennel Club
June 23 Los Angeles Music Machine
  30 Anaheim Pink Cadillac
July 7 Long Beach Bogarts
  20 Los Angeles The Palace
  27 Sonoma Sonoma County Fair
  28 San Francisco Full Moon Saloon
August 3 Los Angeles Cafe Largo
  16 Memphis Atenna Club
  17 Memphis Pyramid
    Memphis Bad Bob's Vapors
October 7 Los Angeles China Club
  14 Los Angeles LA Hilton -
International Beauty Show
w/ Jan and Dean
  31 Long Beach Bogarts
    Los Angeles Ponana
November 23 Los Angeles Cafe Largo
  27 San Diego Bacahnal
  30 Long Beach System M
Some time that year ...   Los Angeles Wiltern
    Los Angeles Style-Party
    Los Angeles LACE
    Los Angeles Lingeire
    Los Angeles Vertigo
    New York Mars
    New York World
    New York Pyramid
    San Francisco DNA
January 12 Athens Georgia Theater
  18 San Diego Casbah
  19 San Francisco Night Moves
  25 Chicago Deja Vu
  26 Los Angeles Da Butt Club
February 8 Los Angeles Coconut Teaser
March 15 Atlanta Variety Playhouse
  17 Charlotte Somewhere
April 5 Los Angeles Atlas
  6 Los Angeles Kelbos
  19 Los Angeles Atlas
May 11 San Francisco Night Moves
June Roskilde, Denmark Roskilde Festival
July 7 Los Angeles Lingerie
  18 Los Angeles Atlas
August 7 Athens Georgia Theater
September 8 Santa Monica Santa Monica Pier
  12 Los Angeles Atlas
Mystery Year (Shows, but we don't remember what year)
January 29 Los Angeles 7 & Hope (touch down block party)
April 8 Los Angeles The Palace w/ The Sugar Cubes
June 12 Los Angeles Lingerie
  26 Los Angeles Coconut Teaser
July San Francisco The Full Moon Saloon
August 6 Los Angeles Club Galaxy
  14 Memphis New Daisy Theater 
  29 San Diego Bodie’s
December 9 Los Angeles Lingerie
  31 Los Angeles Lingerie